A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 2

Taking the initiative

19th-21st of Fieldsow

  • Set up camp in Zaid’s mother’s shop.
  • Visited Free Bessel faction
  • Agreed to deliver letter to Empire fleet in the Fens in exchange for spells and booze.
  • Convinced Numair Iman to strength relations with Equality faction via council formation.
  • Returned to Panya in Equality turf as Labeeba was leaving.
  • Panya agreed to sent second in command Tizoc to council negotiations and wanted letter sent to captain outside city.
  • Went to see Loyalist faction.
  • Zaid told Nashida his sympathies were with the Loyalists, but he was focused for the moment on this message business.
  • Flew over city, fought blood-sucking elemental clouds.
  • Saw Anbilla walking with book in equality Courtyard as they arrived.



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