A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 3

Politics Politics Politics

21st of Fieldsow

  • Greeted Anbilla, listened to her theory that the Prince was being controlled by the evil Djinn, and her plan was to convince the mayor to equip them out of the palace stores and go free the Prince.
  • Mayor Rais was more or less on-board after the condition of the Empire was explained, but would be more comfortable if it was more obvious you weren’t actually rebels.
  • Mayor suggested solving a murder that he was fairly sure was committed by one of the two other factions.
  • Zaid asked him to research the lines of succession to the throne before agreeing and getting promoted to Acting Inquisitor.
  • The murder site was some kind of religious ritual murder, the victim was killed and then was placed in a pentacle with his head in a bucket of water.
  • Nashida tracked the murderer from the murder site to a basement on the other side of the wind wall.
  • Detect magic revealed auras on scrolls as well as an an apparently empty shelf.
  • Zaid climbed up to the shelf, where an invisible imp tried to stab him in the face.
  • The party killed the imp, brought the body back, sensed the cleric Jaad Shaerner’s nevousness over their investigation, pressed him with questioning, and then killed him when he attacked.



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