A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 4

It's raining zombies

21st of Fieldsow

Mayor Rais instructed the guards that subdued the evil cleric Jaad to keep quiet. He explained that Jaad’s brother Badr was a powerful druid, and while the brothers had their differences, they were still fairly close. On Zaid’s suggestion, the mayor sent Afeef to dump the body in a neutral territory of the city.

Anbilla went over Prince Amar’s notes with Zaid, despite a few disharmonious chords being struck. Apparently the royal crown was an artifact that he had been able to use, but wasn’t able to use anymore. And it had some link to an extra-planar dimension. The prince and his djinni advisor had left for Death Valley aka Deadlands where it was believed a portal to the negative energy plane existed, on the basis of the valley being the only place on the continent with a significant portion of undead (except, well, here). The journal was also written in two different ‘voices’, a confident prince and a scared prince.

The Zhyen messenger Nesenth returned having delivered your test message to Zayne at the monastery. He had given the djinni a ring of invisibility and it’s own message back. He had figured out how to use the teleporter platform you’d discovered earlier. He offers it’s use to you if you can help secure the monastery against a force of cultists. He says that he will try to teleport to the city at noon on the 23rd of Fieldsow, but you will have to make your way through the storm somehow and into the basement of the Brewmaster’s temple/monastery in the temple complex at the west end of the city to clear the platform on your end.

22nd of Fieldsow

You search Jaad’s secret hideout, which contained a few scrolls and a strongly magical dagger whose effects you don’t have a basis for knowing. It has an aura reminiscent of conjuration schools of magic. When activated it seems to pierce the plane somehow, and gave you a feeling of a rush of magical energy when it happened.

Zaid studied the scrolls while Nashida went for a drink with Anbilla and Afeef. Mayor Rais had magic items recovered from the palace vaults brought to Zaid, who went to the tavern to share them with Anbilla. Shortly thereafter guards alerted them to a coordinated attack of the undead. It appeared that the intelligent undead had tried to overwhelm the Loyalists with their mindless brethren and use the chaos to climb the undefended skyflowers to consume the farmers. The party interrupted their climb, causing many to fall to their doom, slaying others in combat, and the leader as he fled.



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