A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 5

Honesty was the best policy

22nd-23rd of Fieldsow

Badr Shaer, the druid brother of the cleric killed by the party, spots the free-flying skyflower and flies over to help on his giant bee.

Zaid and Nashida had planned to lie to him about his brother’s death, but change their minds and talk to him honestly about it. Badr wants to get the whole story and reincarnates his brother, who returns to life as a Sylph. Badr successfully interrogates Jaad and takes him to the paladin leader Numair of the Free Bessel faction, as Badr doesn’t really know how to deal with his brother’s behavior. Jaad claimed that he was only trying to save people, as the empowerment was going to end in mass chaos, the end of an age, and the destruction of everything. The evil goddess Rudwa was one of the only beings that could rediscover a way to save people, and herself in the bargain.

Back at the Mayor Rais’s mansion, he had finished studying the books of royal genealogy and found that Nasida had an arguable claim on the throne, given the lack of other apparent contenders. The caveat was typically low-caste blood relatives weren’t accepted to the throne, and she’d probably have to kill a lot of people to get there. As an added surprise, it was possible that Zaid also had a distant ancestral tie.

Badr joined them for drinks that evening and the next morning assisted them into the temple complex. From there they found two beings seemingly made of alcoholic beverages guarding the room with the teleportation pad Zayne was supposed to arrive on. Zaid convinced the guards to make ready the pad, and the party spent the morning looting the area of anything not important enough to have been carried off initially.

Zaybe appeared with stone amulets that allowed him, Zaid, Anbilla, and the booze elementals to return to the Deep Monastery. There, Zaid repaired the mobile access terminal and used it (after some discussion with Nashida about particulars), to flood/flush the sluice room and drive off the invaders. During the process a powerful earthquake shakes the monastary.

On searching the sluice room after the fact, they find a caster buried in rubble with another magical knife, identical to the one Zaid already has.

The part begins to discuss loot division and whether it’s better to risk bringing the Prince back versus supporting the Regent. Differences of opinion mount. Then Anbilla has something to say.



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