A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 3, Session 1

What are we going to do tonight, Pinky?

23rd of fieldsow

Anbilla reveals she’s really Princess Kalisma , wife of the late Prince. She enlists Nashida and Zaid on her quest to unseat the Regent. Thinking bigger than her plans to simply rescue Prince Amar, the party makes plans to take the money from the vaults Equality holds in Bessel, travel to the Kromus Clans, hire a mercenary army, take Silesia back from the semi-loyal council of generals, then pressure the rest of the Empire to cave to the rule of Queen Kalisma.

The part returns to Bessel and gains the support of the Loyalist and Free Bessel faction, learning that the evil cleric Jaad decided to undergo a torturous ordeal to change his loyalty from Rudwa to Dhulamur. Guess it beat just getting killed.

Also, Meddur shares some Sandrider mythology



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