A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 3, Session 2

Take the money and run

Start 23rd of Fieldsow

The party sounds out Panya to see whether the Equality faction would support a ruler who promises reforms towards ending/leveling out the caste system. They strongly imply they have found such a ruler to back. Panya says no.

Shortly after, first Nashida and then Zaid visit the Merchant Guild’s vault to schmooze with Maisoon in order to scope out the vault in preparation for their attempt to strongarm the Equality faction to give it to them.

Over the next several weeks, they assist with preparations to leave. Zaid confirms the air planar beings are coming along. Nesenth will almost certainly not be back in time to make the trip, so Always-Big-Whiskers is going to stay behind and wait for him.

During this time of preparation, Jaad successfully completes the Ordeal, loses his clerical connection to the evil goddess of magic Rudwa and gains one to the good goddess of mercy Dhulamur. He died and was again reincarnated during the process. The Ordeal left him in a goblin body, with significant negative levels, and at least slightly mad. Badr and Jaad took the giant bee to gather camels and return after the wind wall came down.

Directly before the storm was predicted to cease, the party gathered their allies and took a relatively large mob to the edge of Equality to strongarm them into giving up their money. The Party elected to let Anbilla make the demand, who deferred to the paladin Numair. Numair gave a brusque demand that they surrender their illegally held gold to the treasury of the crown and cease their association with foreign terrorists.

The guards requested a period to consult their leadership. Zaid expressed his denial of that request by telling the elementals to attack reasoning that battle was inevitable.

The party swiftly took the vault, where a particularly zealous guard had knocked Maisoon out before being killed by Zaid in a lopsided final stand.

As the party noticed that significant amounts of the most valuable (and most portable) treasure was missing, Maisoon explained that after Nashida and Zaid had visted him, right after the next change of guards in fact, Panya had come and removed the platinum and valuable gems from the vault.

There was still ~375,000 gold worth of treasure for the party to take. So they loaded it up on their carts, and when Badr and the camels arrived, the royalists split into four caravans. Zaid, Nashida, Anbilla/Kalisma, the planar beings, Badr, and Jaad were on one, and the other empowered individuals split up among the others. Zaid was adamantly against taking any people who had been aligned with Equality along on their caravan, Nashida objected, but Anbilla/Kalisma thought it was a reasonable precaution, and likely moot as few would probably want to come after the recent battle.

End 5th of Claysow



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