A World of Winds

Was that really the boss monster?
Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 4

14th of Fieldsow
Meet Cappricio and Labeeba Niazi.
Explore Monastery a bit
Find teleporter room, library with old scrolls, origami book.
Fight 2 zombie monks.
Master Fikri Wali hears the noise and tells you about vow keeping them undead.
Zayne is convinced to take control of Monastery and rebuild order with himself as head.
Party rests.

15th of Fieldsow
Amed the invisible air creature isn’t happy about being bound guarding the hallway and directs you around an alternate corridor he isn’t forced to guard.
Explore the pump/sluice room and find some antique magitek still controlling the water.
Shove off for Bessel.

xth of Fieldsow (to be updated after I check on decisions about your travel arrangements)
The bells sound in the dark.
The GM warps you back to the 15th for bits that it wasn’t fun to leave the session hanging on, leaving the bells as an ominous event in the near future.

Invisible Rabid Desert Rats
Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 3
  • The elementals draw a line in the sand and gesture for the party to back off.
  • The party begins to edge around and attack.
  • Maisoon asks for people to back off, have Anbilla distract them, and approach from another angle.
  • Nashsida sees Anbilla being carried off by one of them.
  • The party arrives at the monastery.
  • They excavate pilgrims from a previous caravan that blew a mine shaft to avoid vulture mercenaries.
  • A ghost monk, Mu’taz Ghaza, gives access to the Monastery when Maisoon shows a forged signet ring.
  • Some of the monks are dead, others are zombies.
  • Chatting with the ghost reveals that Prince Amar attacked them some months ago. The ghost doesn’t seem to realize the abnormality of the situation, except that the initiate monks have disappeared. Mu’taz sees the zombie brothers as being too caught up in their own business to talk. He says the master has closed himself in his chambers and has asked Mu’taz not to disturb him.
  • The party bluffs Mu’taz into helping them avoid the zombies, and find their way to the passage leading to the river.
  • An invisible creature hollers down the corridor in Auran. There are crude pictures on the wall, apparently by said creature, showing a wizard summoning it and the monster eating people going down the hallway.
  • Burning one of the zombies to death flustered Mu’taz and he is no longer accompanying you.
Barrel full of Fieldborn
Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 2

Abbreviated highlights.

  • Zaid’s family relocates from Clayborn to Fieldborn district after neighborhood pressure.
  • Nasida is recruited to the party by Anbilla after a bandit raid almost kills her.
  • Zaid joins the party after a pre-emptive assault on local bullies leaves him wanted by the constabulary.
  • Nashida and Maisoon couldn’t track Zaid down; Maisoon used a contact to smuggle Zaid out in a barrel.
  • Zaid pukes everywhere before and after joining the party.
  • A new law makes the expedition to Bessel illegal and the party hurriedly departs.
  • The party hitches a ride on a sailing sandship.
  • They arrive at the edge of the Storm and forge inwards to a Monastery the NPCs believe has a secret passage to the city.
  • They are confronted with beings of wind and thunder who shout in a language no one in the party understands.

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