A World of Winds

Barrel full of Fieldborn
Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 2

Abbreviated highlights.

  • Zaid’s family relocates from Clayborn to Fieldborn district after neighborhood pressure.
  • Nasida is recruited to the party by Anbilla after a bandit raid almost kills her.
  • Zaid joins the party after a pre-emptive assault on local bullies leaves him wanted by the constabulary.
  • Nashida and Maisoon couldn’t track Zaid down; Maisoon used a contact to smuggle Zaid out in a barrel.
  • Zaid pukes everywhere before and after joining the party.
  • A new law makes the expedition to Bessel illegal and the party hurriedly departs.
  • The party hitches a ride on a sailing sandship.
  • They arrive at the edge of the Storm and forge inwards to a Monastery the NPCs believe has a secret passage to the city.
  • They are confronted with beings of wind and thunder who shout in a language no one in the party understands.
Invisible Rabid Desert Rats
Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 3
  • The elementals draw a line in the sand and gesture for the party to back off.
  • The party begins to edge around and attack.
  • Maisoon asks for people to back off, have Anbilla distract them, and approach from another angle.
  • Nashsida sees Anbilla being carried off by one of them.
  • The party arrives at the monastery.
  • They excavate pilgrims from a previous caravan that blew a mine shaft to avoid vulture mercenaries.
  • A ghost monk, Mu’taz Ghaza, gives access to the Monastery when Maisoon shows a forged signet ring.
  • Some of the monks are dead, others are zombies.
  • Chatting with the ghost reveals that Prince Amar attacked them some months ago. The ghost doesn’t seem to realize the abnormality of the situation, except that the initiate monks have disappeared. Mu’taz sees the zombie brothers as being too caught up in their own business to talk. He says the master has closed himself in his chambers and has asked Mu’taz not to disturb him.
  • The party bluffs Mu’taz into helping them avoid the zombies, and find their way to the passage leading to the river.
  • An invisible creature hollers down the corridor in Auran. There are crude pictures on the wall, apparently by said creature, showing a wizard summoning it and the monster eating people going down the hallway.
  • Burning one of the zombies to death flustered Mu’taz and he is no longer accompanying you.
Was that really the boss monster?
Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 4

14th of Fieldsow
Meet Cappricio and Labeeba Niazi.
Explore Monastery a bit
Find teleporter room, library with old scrolls, origami book.
Fight 2 zombie monks.
Master Fikri Wali hears the noise and tells you about vow keeping them undead.
Zayne is convinced to take control of Monastery and rebuild order with himself as head.
Party rests.

15th of Fieldsow
Amed the invisible air creature isn’t happy about being bound guarding the hallway and directs you around an alternate corridor he isn’t forced to guard.
Explore the pump/sluice room and find some antique magitek still controlling the water.
Shove off for Bessel.

xth of Fieldsow (to be updated after I check on decisions about your travel arrangements)
The bells sound in the dark.
The GM warps you back to the 15th for bits that it wasn’t fun to leave the session hanging on, leaving the bells as an ominous event in the near future.

Reports of our evacuation have been greatly exaggerated
Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 5 & Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 1

15th-18th of Fieldsow

The party set off on the boats and rafts on the underground river.

Zaid became seasick. Hamsa wanted to use her clerical power to stop his seasickness, but Zaid told her not to. She tried anyway and Zaid freaked out, blasting Hamsa, Maisoon, and Labeeba with lightning. Labeeba called treachery on the cleric and tried to follow up with an attack of her own. Nasida stopped her and separated the parties.

They stopped to camp. At the camp, Zaid and Hamsa made peace. However, Cappricio later convinced Hamsa that the rest of the party wasn’t committed to the mission the two of them shared, and that Labeeba was probably a traitor, so it would be safer if they snuck ahead on their own.

As they woke, the party met a quartet of humanoid turtles called Kappa building a wall across a side tunnel to keep crabs out. They warned the party against cultists further down the river.

The party was able to sneak past the cultists, as the cavern housing chained Nightborn sentries was missing one. They did have to kill an overseer on the way past.

After they did so, a aquatic fey approached and showed signs of gratitude, hauling out a crate of goods she’d retrieved from fallen cultists.

The party reached the lower entrances to Bessel on the 18th. The bypassed a pair of marble unicorns guarding doorways brackets a big pump pulling water upward. Instead they found a second set of doorways. On the way Zaid pressed Maisoon for everything he knew about the mission. Maisoon told them that by this point, they knew pretty much everything he knew. He knew how to get into the merchant’s guild and the vaults, but he had only verified as likely the information about the monastery and river. Anbilla had carried that information. There was apparently an ‘eye’ of the storm directly over Bessel, which suggested they could get in.

The party ascended an ancient elevator towards the city. It stopped shortly before the city to the sound a of a big explosion. The party exited an escape hatch, crossed over to a ladder shaft, and exited to a tower in the palace of Bessel.

They saw the city was indeed surrounded by a stormcloud. In the plaza outside the palace, a force primarily of Fieldborns was clashing with badly wounded elementals around a collapsed giant glasslike tower.

Preparing to exit the palace on the ground floor, they saw an apparently undead genie looking for a path to retreat. The party killed him, and were embraced as heroes by the crowd for slaying the Red Death. As they verified the creatures death, it’s amulet broadcast an announcement of vengeance. The wizard Jumail Ghani, recognized by Zaid as a prominent figure, announced not to worry, it was just an triggered effect, not a real communication.

As they partied, the leaders of the three factions in the city introduced themselves and pitched their causes to the heroes of the day. There were several hundred people who had not evacuated the city. The Loyalists were just holding tight until the storm ended and the Empire reclaimed the city. Equality, the largest faction, wanted to hold Bessel as an independent city-state free from the caste-system. Free Bessel was a splinter group from the Equality faction that agreed broadly with it’s principles but couldn’t stand for it’s ethical pragmatism and foreign influences.

The party decided to hold off on aligning itself with any of them, trying to fulfill it’s original purpose of looting the merchants guild, which was currently in the possession of Equality. The party was warned there were still dangerous planar creatures stalking the streets.

The party rested.

19th of Fieldsow

The party decided to visit the shop of Zaid’s mother, which was inside the edge of Equality territory. They passed near the base of the collapsed tower, but ducked into side streets when they heard the sounds of violent winds ahead. They passed by the Plaza of the Fountain which was semi-neutral territory.

Zaid looked at his mother’s papermaking shop, which had been scavenged of items most useful for Equality, and decided to burn it down. As Nashida convinced him not to, the commotion woke up Aseel Hoda, a Fieldborn scavenger who was sleeping in the loft. He offered to guide them around.

The party found the merchant’s guild already opened, with Jumail Ghani acting as the treasurer. He had taken up residence in a vault for peace and quiet, and had received the position more or less by default. When he learned that Zaid was not here to assist him in his research, and Maisoon was an experienced merchant, Jumail delegated his position to Maisoon and went back to his study.

The guard intimated this was not the first time he’d done something like that, and one went to tell the Equality leader Panya about it. Maisoon stayed to take stock and plan how to make off with the money. The escape was complicated because the magical boat Anbilla expected to find was not present. The rest of the party went with the guard to see Panya.

Panya filled in a lot of details, including that the Prince and his towering genie adviser had left months ago briefly for the West and were still gone after leaving for the East. She said Equality had a plan to hold the city after the storm abated, that they expected the storm to fall eventually now that the tower fell, that there were netural/friendly planar creatures but communication was difficult, and that if the party was interested in helping them she could both offer financial compensation and a range of ways to help both inside and outside the city.

Zaid had the idea to use the planar creatures as messenger service and charge the factions for access. He found Nesenth, a zhyen (minor genie) with Always Big Whiskers, a Raiju (an air planar creature that shapechanged into small animals).

Nesenth agreed to the idea of a messenger service in exchange for luxuries and new sensations. He agreed to a test run, delivering a message to Zayne at the monastery for trying pickled pigs feet. He’ll be back in 2 1/2 days.

Nashida mentioned that she wanted lead gloves to pet the shapechanging animal. Anbilla wasn’t sure how good of an idea that was, but said there was a sandship rider in the tavern who wore intricately jointed lead gloves and was challenging people to drinking contests.

Zaid bought pickled pigs’ feet at the tavern, which were apparently not an overly popular item.

The seven-foot-tall sandship rider was named Meddur, and while disappointed they wouldn’t accept his drinking challenge, had enough of a sense of humor to loan his glove to Nashida as long as he got to watch her try. The attempt provoked a certain amount of confusion on the part of Always Big Whiskers, but as the Raiju poked at a bag Nasida had wrapped the glove in, Nashida got her pet in with only a mild static electricity feeling.

Meddur said watching a Riverborn try so hard to pet a Raiju was the weirdest thing he’d seen to date, and said he’d buy them a drink.

Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 2
Taking the initiative

19th-21st of Fieldsow

  • Set up camp in Zaid’s mother’s shop.
  • Visited Free Bessel faction
  • Agreed to deliver letter to Empire fleet in the Fens in exchange for spells and booze.
  • Convinced Numair Iman to strength relations with Equality faction via council formation.
  • Returned to Panya in Equality turf as Labeeba was leaving.
  • Panya agreed to sent second in command Tizoc to council negotiations and wanted letter sent to captain outside city.
  • Went to see Loyalist faction.
  • Zaid told Nashida his sympathies were with the Loyalists, but he was focused for the moment on this message business.
  • Flew over city, fought blood-sucking elemental clouds.
  • Saw Anbilla walking with book in equality Courtyard as they arrived.
Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 3
Politics Politics Politics

21st of Fieldsow

  • Greeted Anbilla, listened to her theory that the Prince was being controlled by the evil Djinn, and her plan was to convince the mayor to equip them out of the palace stores and go free the Prince.
  • Mayor Rais was more or less on-board after the condition of the Empire was explained, but would be more comfortable if it was more obvious you weren’t actually rebels.
  • Mayor suggested solving a murder that he was fairly sure was committed by one of the two other factions.
  • Zaid asked him to research the lines of succession to the throne before agreeing and getting promoted to Acting Inquisitor.
  • The murder site was some kind of religious ritual murder, the victim was killed and then was placed in a pentacle with his head in a bucket of water.
  • Nashida tracked the murderer from the murder site to a basement on the other side of the wind wall.
  • Detect magic revealed auras on scrolls as well as an an apparently empty shelf.
  • Zaid climbed up to the shelf, where an invisible imp tried to stab him in the face.
  • The party killed the imp, brought the body back, sensed the cleric Jaad Shaerner’s nevousness over their investigation, pressed him with questioning, and then killed him when he attacked.
Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 4
It's raining zombies

21st of Fieldsow

Mayor Rais instructed the guards that subdued the evil cleric Jaad to keep quiet. He explained that Jaad’s brother Badr was a powerful druid, and while the brothers had their differences, they were still fairly close. On Zaid’s suggestion, the mayor sent Afeef to dump the body in a neutral territory of the city.

Anbilla went over Prince Amar’s notes with Zaid, despite a few disharmonious chords being struck. Apparently the royal crown was an artifact that he had been able to use, but wasn’t able to use anymore. And it had some link to an extra-planar dimension. The prince and his djinni advisor had left for Death Valley aka Deadlands where it was believed a portal to the negative energy plane existed, on the basis of the valley being the only place on the continent with a significant portion of undead (except, well, here). The journal was also written in two different ‘voices’, a confident prince and a scared prince.

The Zhyen messenger Nesenth returned having delivered your test message to Zayne at the monastery. He had given the djinni a ring of invisibility and it’s own message back. He had figured out how to use the teleporter platform you’d discovered earlier. He offers it’s use to you if you can help secure the monastery against a force of cultists. He says that he will try to teleport to the city at noon on the 23rd of Fieldsow, but you will have to make your way through the storm somehow and into the basement of the Brewmaster’s temple/monastery in the temple complex at the west end of the city to clear the platform on your end.

22nd of Fieldsow

You search Jaad’s secret hideout, which contained a few scrolls and a strongly magical dagger whose effects you don’t have a basis for knowing. It has an aura reminiscent of conjuration schools of magic. When activated it seems to pierce the plane somehow, and gave you a feeling of a rush of magical energy when it happened.

Zaid studied the scrolls while Nashida went for a drink with Anbilla and Afeef. Mayor Rais had magic items recovered from the palace vaults brought to Zaid, who went to the tavern to share them with Anbilla. Shortly thereafter guards alerted them to a coordinated attack of the undead. It appeared that the intelligent undead had tried to overwhelm the Loyalists with their mindless brethren and use the chaos to climb the undefended skyflowers to consume the farmers. The party interrupted their climb, causing many to fall to their doom, slaying others in combat, and the leader as he fled.

Book 1, Chapter 2, Session 5
Honesty was the best policy

22nd-23rd of Fieldsow

Badr Shaer, the druid brother of the cleric killed by the party, spots the free-flying skyflower and flies over to help on his giant bee.

Zaid and Nashida had planned to lie to him about his brother’s death, but change their minds and talk to him honestly about it. Badr wants to get the whole story and reincarnates his brother, who returns to life as a Sylph. Badr successfully interrogates Jaad and takes him to the paladin leader Numair of the Free Bessel faction, as Badr doesn’t really know how to deal with his brother’s behavior. Jaad claimed that he was only trying to save people, as the empowerment was going to end in mass chaos, the end of an age, and the destruction of everything. The evil goddess Rudwa was one of the only beings that could rediscover a way to save people, and herself in the bargain.

Back at the Mayor Rais’s mansion, he had finished studying the books of royal genealogy and found that Nasida had an arguable claim on the throne, given the lack of other apparent contenders. The caveat was typically low-caste blood relatives weren’t accepted to the throne, and she’d probably have to kill a lot of people to get there. As an added surprise, it was possible that Zaid also had a distant ancestral tie.

Badr joined them for drinks that evening and the next morning assisted them into the temple complex. From there they found two beings seemingly made of alcoholic beverages guarding the room with the teleportation pad Zayne was supposed to arrive on. Zaid convinced the guards to make ready the pad, and the party spent the morning looting the area of anything not important enough to have been carried off initially.

Zaybe appeared with stone amulets that allowed him, Zaid, Anbilla, and the booze elementals to return to the Deep Monastery. There, Zaid repaired the mobile access terminal and used it (after some discussion with Nashida about particulars), to flood/flush the sluice room and drive off the invaders. During the process a powerful earthquake shakes the monastary.

On searching the sluice room after the fact, they find a caster buried in rubble with another magical knife, identical to the one Zaid already has.

The part begins to discuss loot division and whether it’s better to risk bringing the Prince back versus supporting the Regent. Differences of opinion mount. Then Anbilla has something to say.

Book 1, Chapter 3, Session 1
What are we going to do tonight, Pinky?

23rd of fieldsow

Anbilla reveals she’s really Princess Kalisma , wife of the late Prince. She enlists Nashida and Zaid on her quest to unseat the Regent. Thinking bigger than her plans to simply rescue Prince Amar, the party makes plans to take the money from the vaults Equality holds in Bessel, travel to the Kromus Clans, hire a mercenary army, take Silesia back from the semi-loyal council of generals, then pressure the rest of the Empire to cave to the rule of Queen Kalisma.

The part returns to Bessel and gains the support of the Loyalist and Free Bessel faction, learning that the evil cleric Jaad decided to undergo a torturous ordeal to change his loyalty from Rudwa to Dhulamur. Guess it beat just getting killed.

Also, Meddur shares some Sandrider mythology

Book 1, Chapter 3, Session 2
Take the money and run

Start 23rd of Fieldsow

The party sounds out Panya to see whether the Equality faction would support a ruler who promises reforms towards ending/leveling out the caste system. They strongly imply they have found such a ruler to back. Panya says no.

Shortly after, first Nashida and then Zaid visit the Merchant Guild’s vault to schmooze with Maisoon in order to scope out the vault in preparation for their attempt to strongarm the Equality faction to give it to them.

Over the next several weeks, they assist with preparations to leave. Zaid confirms the air planar beings are coming along. Nesenth will almost certainly not be back in time to make the trip, so Always-Big-Whiskers is going to stay behind and wait for him.

During this time of preparation, Jaad successfully completes the Ordeal, loses his clerical connection to the evil goddess of magic Rudwa and gains one to the good goddess of mercy Dhulamur. He died and was again reincarnated during the process. The Ordeal left him in a goblin body, with significant negative levels, and at least slightly mad. Badr and Jaad took the giant bee to gather camels and return after the wind wall came down.

Directly before the storm was predicted to cease, the party gathered their allies and took a relatively large mob to the edge of Equality to strongarm them into giving up their money. The Party elected to let Anbilla make the demand, who deferred to the paladin Numair. Numair gave a brusque demand that they surrender their illegally held gold to the treasury of the crown and cease their association with foreign terrorists.

The guards requested a period to consult their leadership. Zaid expressed his denial of that request by telling the elementals to attack reasoning that battle was inevitable.

The party swiftly took the vault, where a particularly zealous guard had knocked Maisoon out before being killed by Zaid in a lopsided final stand.

As the party noticed that significant amounts of the most valuable (and most portable) treasure was missing, Maisoon explained that after Nashida and Zaid had visted him, right after the next change of guards in fact, Panya had come and removed the platinum and valuable gems from the vault.

There was still ~375,000 gold worth of treasure for the party to take. So they loaded it up on their carts, and when Badr and the camels arrived, the royalists split into four caravans. Zaid, Nashida, Anbilla/Kalisma, the planar beings, Badr, and Jaad were on one, and the other empowered individuals split up among the others. Zaid was adamantly against taking any people who had been aligned with Equality along on their caravan, Nashida objected, but Anbilla/Kalisma thought it was a reasonable precaution, and likely moot as few would probably want to come after the recent battle.

End 5th of Claysow


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