Bessel is a city located between two hilly ranges in the central Western Desert. The geography had led to a less sandy region than most of the surrounding desert. The wind deposit much sediment into the city, making street sweepers a valued profession.

The city itself is ancient, having been built and rebuilt numerous times over the ages. There are layers of the city, if one cares to excavate downwards, although little beyond academic value has been found by doing so.

The main feature of Bessel is the fountain in the center which supplies a near unlimited amount of water. Water bearers distribute water to most households of the city, with deep gutters dug into Junnab Tarik carrying water from the fountain beyond the gates of the city where it used be used to irrigate the skyflower fields south of the city.

Beyond the city, qanats built into the hills would have allowed irrigation of more traditional crops.


Currently you find Bessel divided into four zones of control.

The useable size of the city itself is about half-normal, hemmed in by the stormwalls that mark the edges of the Storm’s eye.

The Northwest is controlled by the faction led by Equality agitators from the Ormward.

The Northeast is controlled by the Free Bessel faction, which liked some of Equalities ideals, but found others too extreme.

The Southwest is controlled by the Loyalists, where most of the higher-caste citizens have fortified themselves in their wait for the storm to end and the Empire to reclaim the city.

The Southeast is where many minor creatures from the Plane of Air, who seem to have been brought over accidentally, have congregated. Over time, some of them have come to terms with the humyn factions and have moved to those areas.

The center of the city where the Glass Tower used to be is currently unclaimed. The streets have to be carefully traveled, as there are both ghouls left over from the previous inhabitants of the tower, and weirder things brought through the portal besides.

The humyns have been largely left alone after the initial assault which lead to the evacuation of the city. The only exception is that the guardian of the tower would occasionally come out by night and hunt a humyn or two. Sometimes she would devour them, other times she’d take them away. If she left them where they fell, they’d rise as undead the next day.

Skyflowers have been planted by all factions, granaries have been raided, rooftop and dugout gardens have been planted, vermin hunts have been organized, an appreciation for insect cuisine developed, and between these, they’ve managed to squeak by for food.

The Loyalists are running a command economy, with no currency or money at the moment. The Equality and Free Bessel factions try to operate a more-or-less standard economy, although there are differences in how they believe the total money supply should be regulated.



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