Gods and Religion

There are 9 major gods. Gods is actually a misnomer, since while they act as gods in the sense of granting divine favor, they are really more elemental pieces of reality. They are all True Neutral, and have never been known to take any actions themselves. They don’t even have personifications. In the Humyn nations of the known World, they are called Aspects and each is associated with an animal symbol that represents them. The Soul Moon and the Spirit Moon are sometimes called the Aspects Above as they are believed to be embodied in the their namesake moons, and the rest are called the Aspects Below.

There are hundreds of smaller gods which people feel a closer connection to, as they impact more specific areas of their life. They still tend to be abstractions that people ‘feel’ rather than hear, see, or are visited by. Devout worshipers claim to receive advice or small boons after notable acts of worship or service. Occasionally one of the more popular small gods will make an appearance. Whether these appearances are enabled by their popularity or a response to it, and whether they are avatars or the gods themselves are both topics of theological debate.

Worship of the small gods is also where beliefs about the afterlife come into play, and those beliefs can be held fiercely. There is no objectively verifiable answer at the start of the campaign, so religions have flexibility in what they promise. Heaven/Hell combinations and reincarnation are the most common belief structures.

Each small god reflects an Aspect. It will have a specific domain from that aspect. Typically (but not always) the domain will be a subdomain as the small god is usually more focused on a particular portfolio. A cleric of that small god takes that specific domain/subdomain for one of his domain choices, and any other domain of the reflected Aspect for the other. For example, the small god Iku who is worshipped in The Ormward has the subdomain Revolution, a subdomain of the Sky Aspects’s Liberation domain. A cleric of Iku selects the revolution subdomain and either Air, Travel, or Sun as her other domain. If a class that worships a small god can only select one domain, it must be the small god’s [sub]domain.

Worshiping a small god tends to give one a clearer purpose in life, but worshiping an Aspect leads to a broader mindset. There are more small gods than can be listed here, so you can assume any particular small god exists if worship of it would make sense in that particular culture. While the Aspects are neutral, small gods can be good or evil. The worship of evil small gods is seen as disrespect to the Aspects and treated as heretical.

Aspects and their domains:

  • The Guardian (Bear)
    • Animal
    • Community
    • Protection
    • Strength
  • The Sage (Tortoise)
    • Artifice
    • Earth
    • Knowledge
    • Rune
  • The Mystic (Unicorn)
    • Weather
    • Luck
    • Magic
    • Void
  • The Laughing God (Ferret)
    • Darkness
    • Trickery
    • Madness
    • Charm
  • The Soul Moon (Cat)
    • Evil
    • Good
    • Glory
  • The Spirit Moon (Monkey)
    • Law
    • Chaos
    • Nobility
  • The Warrior (Wyrm)
    • Destruction
    • Death
    • War
    • Fire
  • The Gentle God (Starfish)
    • Plant
    • Water
    • Repose
    • Healing
  • The Sky (Tern)
    • Travel
    • Sun
    • Liberation
    • Air

Gods and Religion

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