The Awakenings

The Awakenings

The dawn of the current age took place in three locations for Humyns; the Heartland (now Antharos), the Western Desert, and Shakken. Thousands of people shook themselves awake as if from a deep sleep and found themselves in giant caverns with strangers and a foggy memory. They remembered their language, their skills, and had a general recollection of the kind of person they were, the kinds of things they’d done, and the kinds of people they knew, but other than that it was a blank.

Some of them remembered being wielders of great arcane power, or having a direct line to divine might. But when they tried to exercise that power, they could only produce the most basic effects. The same went for anyone who had achieved what we might consider superhuman powers. It all fizzled.

Around them were supplies. Food, tools, construction materials, wagons, everything they needed to build their new lives. There were books as well, but the books were blank. There were magical items ranging from trivial, to beyond the level the people could now create, to the truly mysterious. Some gave the bearer a sense of direction and a feeling that the direction was ‘home.’

The people found themselves grouped by language, and those groups took the supplies they found themselves with and moved outside. They moved across a world that was both unknown and intimately familiar.

They founded cities, nations, empires. Those in the Western Desert kept to themselves, ruled over for almost 2000 years by followers of the evil gods Oroguth and Rudwa. Similarly, those in Shakken remained on their island continent. The people of Shakken found more, better preserved artifacts and records of previous ages, and something about that helped form their insular society.

It was the caverns in the Heartland that led to the foundation of the majority of the continent’s current nations. These groups would form the basis for Corecia, the predecessor kingdoms to Antharos and Kalathos, the Lowlands, and the Highland Holdings as they separated and traveled apart.

The ancestors of the Ormward dwellers stayed with the Tharan speakers for several hundred years, until eventually their poor position in society caused them to revolt and emigrate to the jungle. This provided the inspiration for what would be the Kromus Clans to declare their mutual support for each other and become an independent polity.

The Awakenings

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