The Basics


All the ‘races’ are Kinds of Humyns, and are born depending on what Kind their parents were and when they were conceived. There’s a heirachy of social position involved, something formalized into a caste system and sometimes just prejudiced. The Orwmward, Shakken, and non-humyn lands are exceptions.

From most to least socially dominant:

  • Earthborn = Dwarf
  • Moonborn = Elf
  • Moonchild = Half-Elf
  • Clayborn = Human
  • Nightborn = Orc
  • Fieldborn = Halfling
  • Riverborn = Gillmen


You lived in Bessel in the desert Tasmin Empire. On the day of the coronation of the new Emperor, his brother Prince Amar killed him with a lightning bolt then summoned air and lightning elementals that forced the immediate evacuation of the city. A huge storm blew up over the city and stayed there, extending miles into the desert.

Mechanically, the world had a level cap of 3. That’s now broken for certain individuals, who are becoming famous. You received an offer to join an expedition to Bessel with the possibility of gaining riches left behind, becoming one of the fantastic-ability people, and maybe ending the storm.

The World

The continent you’re on is Arimaspea. There are other continents but trade and influence are limited by distance. There are other planes of existence, but only the elemental and Fae plane are known about for certain. Meaning creatures from unknown planes can’t be called/summoned, languages can’t be learned and other involvement is limited. Until and unless you learn more. There is Wyrmling [kobold/dragon] territory to the far north and a couple large islands to the northwest populated by other various non-Humyns.

The most relevant nations in Arimaspea to this campaign are:

  • Tasmin Empire: Where your home city was. A former ‘crusader state’ kind of place that’s on the verge of crumbling from economic disruption and rebellion.
  • Morgravia: Decentralized feudal state characterized by dark ritual, mad alchemy, and grasping Barons.
  • Antharos: The largest nation in terms of population, the fertile heartland of Arimaspea resembles Tang Dynasty China in terms of it’s effective central bureaucracy struggling against the rising power of private landholders and its aggressive if non-expansionist foreign policy.
  • Kromus Clans: A fiercely independent cattle-based society. They don’t use the caste system but are big on meritocracy, which includes a system of thralldom.


Regarding Gods and Religion, there are nine Aspects of reality worshiped as gods, and hundreds if not thousands of small gods. Small gods reflect a specific subdomain of an Aspect. Any small god you care to imagine can exist.

The Basics

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