A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 3, Session 4-5

26th of Claysow

Hired the vulture mercenaries.

Reunited with Zaid’s family

  • Second Cousin: Taaha Taha Riverborn
  • Third Cousin Twice Removed: Zaki Akhtar
  • Great Uncle: Umair Hasen
  • Uncle: Rasheeq Dib Clayborn
  • Aunt: Ameena Dib Clayborn
  • Mother: Jawhara Behad-Ansari
  • Father: Misfar Ansari
  • SIster: Najwa Ansari

27th of Claysow

Spotted Imperial Hippogriffs for the first time. Would briefly appear several times after.

20th of Riversow

Inquisitors attacked with rukh ambush, causing light casualties among the vulture mercenaries and killing Badr’s bee, which reincarnated as a Wolliped.
Inquisitors were interrogated and killed, not much you hadn’t already guessed about the Regent’s motives and activities. They seemed to be legitimately mislead zealots.

26th of Riversow

Attack by a night hag and animate dreams. Several are hit by a nightmare curse and it appears the monsters are content to lurk and pick off the unwary until the main characters die.

29th of Riversow

The vulture mercs fly ahead for help, bringing back (among others) Gullof Boler, an oracle who heals the party and exiles one of the animate dreams fully into the ethereal plane. Takes his payment.

4th of Nightsow

Feast at the Vostang clan hall. Hires an escort to the Rakstani. Plays politics, leaves one wagon with them presumably filled with gold. Transforms real wagon of gold into cloth with spell and takes it with.

17th of Nightsow

Arrive at Rakstani. On the way, learned about Imperial mission racing ahead of you. Turns out to be a distant relative of Nashida. She snarks him. The king is receptive, having a positive impression of Princess Kalisma when she was canvassing for international support after her disappearance, and having found the Imperial diplomat a clash with Kromus culture. Says that as it stands, he can’t rally support for an international war, but suggests using an ancient (dangerous) Kromus ritual to gather the divine blessing of the gods on the endeavor.



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