A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 3, Session 3

It's a dry heat

5th of Claysow

The caravan ventures into the desert. Arrival at the Kromus border estimated around the 4th of Nightsow.

10th of Claysow

Nesenth the Zhyen and Always-Big-Whiskers the Raiju return. Nesenth tells of delivering the messages to the fleet officer and a aerie of vulture riders. He also tells of the fleet’s attack on Calon.

Jaad the reincarnated goblin recounts his time in the afterlife, watching a horde of lost souls mill about, with occasional people like him who appeared to be tied to deities getting whisked away. In his case, it was to have his soul transformed into something.

13th of Claysow

Zaid notices a scrying sensor over Anbilla’s head. Nashida throws a blanket on it. Anbilla speculates it’s the Regent getting paranoid over old enemies as shit starts to hit the fan.

24th of Claysow

Nashida is woken up by Always-Big-Whiskers who wanted to say goodbye before he left. Panya had infiltrated the caravan, disguised herself as Zaid, and bluffed the air planar creatures into fleeing. Zaid corralled everyone in the caravan, and had Nashida search them while he searched the belongings. He found Panya’s magic item stash. Badr came up with a way to magically identify which one was Panya, and when he did she went invisible and ran. Zaid threw a web spell, Badr threw an entangle spell, and the bee got her before she made it to the invisible vulture.

The rider, Moosha Obeid, said that Panya only paid for extraction not rescue, and as she was unable to complete her end of the escape and return to pay her outstanding balance, the contract with her was voided. He said Raheema, the leader of the Talon Company could come and negotiate soon.

25th of Claysow

Under interrogation by Anbilla, Panya reveals the Equality conquest of Calon and Bessel are being done in the Ormward’s name to force the nation out of isolationism and into world revolution. She says the Talon Company should be holding several of Zaid’s family members. She also mentions that purple eyed members of non-Riverborn Kinds, giants, and possibly other non-humans joined the fleet before it left the Fens.

Anbilla had Badr drop Panya in the middle of the desert with no food or water with the pronouncement that if death was an unjust sentence, the god of justice would provide for her.



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