A World of Winds

Was that really the boss monster?

Book 1, Chapter 1, Session 4

14th of Fieldsow
Meet Cappricio and Labeeba Niazi.
Explore Monastery a bit
Find teleporter room, library with old scrolls, origami book.
Fight 2 zombie monks.
Master Fikri Wali hears the noise and tells you about vow keeping them undead.
Zayne is convinced to take control of Monastery and rebuild order with himself as head.
Party rests.

15th of Fieldsow
Amed the invisible air creature isn’t happy about being bound guarding the hallway and directs you around an alternate corridor he isn’t forced to guard.
Explore the pump/sluice room and find some antique magitek still controlling the water.
Shove off for Bessel.

xth of Fieldsow (to be updated after I check on decisions about your travel arrangements)
The bells sound in the dark.
The GM warps you back to the 15th for bits that it wasn’t fun to leave the session hanging on, leaving the bells as an ominous event in the near future.



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