A World of Winds

Book 1, Chapter 3, Session 6

Start 17th of Nightsow
Go shopping before feast, convince King to delay ritual so Zaid can scribe his magic.

19th of Nightsow
Zaid discussion with Misfar Ansari regarding family travel plans and Zaid’s future plans.

20th of Nightsow
Old partner to Nashida, Fawz Reza, appears in dream and tells her the regent has bigger problems, and that he’s going to lay off for now. A unilateral cease-fire from his end.

21st of Nightsow
Gullof Boler the oracle gives the party the rundown on the godrealm, that they’re walking on the ‘skin’ of the gods’ reality acting out legends which will bring some of those legends’ effects into the material world. Everything they see god-wise is ‘echos’ of the gods that exist or existed. He tells them that their actions and mindsets can shape that reality to degree, and that if the story seems to get off track, try to get it back on track.

The party completes the ritual, noticing an invisible disturbance at the ritual site just before it completes. Directly after entering the realm, they find a goddess who isn’t part of the legend they were trying to recreate and who asks them to join her at events that aren’t part of the story they were expecting to complete. The party decides to go with her, and finds themselves in a godrealm version of their current situation which paralleled the old story.

The modern counterparts of the old gods don’t play along quite as expected, and eventually it turns out that the goddess they met first was the night hag in disguise, who seizes an Artifact of power through a tear it made in reality and is about to use it within the godrealm with severe consequences.

The Kromus contingent sees the godrealm quest as gone off the rails, and exits. The party tries again to rally the gods in the godrealm story against the Night Hag and succeeds. Zid meets Rudwa, evil goddess of magic, who appears to be more aware than she should be for an ‘echo’. The Night Hag loses the battle and disappears with the Artifact.

Through the 23rd of Earthreap.
Rallying the gods meant the quest to the godrealm was a success, and the king was going ot be able to unite the clans and help you. Nasida and Zaid went ahead of the army to talk to the transformed cleric Jaad about a way to contact Rudwa and ask her to pull her support from the Regent so that they part could finish what they were doing faster and help her on the whole ‘world-saving’ front.

On the way, an avatar of the Three-Tailed Rat visited Nashida, told her that taking his form in the godrealm marked her as close enough to him for his purposes and suggested that everything was probably about to get wrecked and that she should take everyone she liked (who was probably of a similar disposition) and find one of the safe places to hide in. She was appreciative, but had shit to do.

Jaad told them that Rudwa’s attention is gained by gaining magical knowledge in a way that puts yourself at risk. Zaid used the reality-tearing daggers he had for the first time, which got her attention. After his typical conversational style earned him 15 seconds to convince her or die, Zaid agreed to have a mountain ceded to Rudwa in exchange for her withdrawal of support form the current Tasim ruler.

When the army showed up, Kalisma was more or less ok with that deal. They marched on Silesia, intentionally alerted Silesian scouts and sentries, and so ended up facing an army along the way to Juqphr.



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