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Session 4

Following the inconclusive Battle of the Air Demons, the relief column- under the command of Brevet General Capriccio- redeployed to the famed “Forgotten Monastery of Wali.” All the monks were dead, slain by the renegade prince. The dead monks refused to desert their posts, but continued to fight on as grotesque parodies of living men. A pathetic few refugees and deserters had arrived at the Monastery before us, only to be besieged by the necromantic monks. General Capriccio defeated the troublesome monks and installed the worthy Zayne as abbot. The grateful new abbot offered to reward Capriccio with the monastery’s rich treasures. The modest general refused, accepting only a handful of ivory and silver trinkets, to be donated to the orphans of Bessel.

The general extended a special commendation to Sutler Labeeba for valor: “She has a stout heart, though she is merely a woman”. And in his mercy, he pardoned the deserters.

Now the column advances once more, along a sunless river. And as we pass the wretched outposts of that dark and defeated country, solemn bells peal in obeisance.

Capriccio's Page

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