Non-Governmental Organizations

Order of the Coin: A cavalier order devoted to the God of Coins. Acts as an expensive but reliable caravan guard service.

The Champions: One of the few dedicated orders of paladins. Among the general paladin-related do-goodery, they primarily focus on the idea that weak people need strong people to stand-up for them. This has the tendency to both annoy strong people (and governments) they accuse of exploitation, and those ‘weak’ people who see the Champions as causing more problems than they can solve. Chapters usually worship a relevant local small god who reflects the Guardian.

Order of the Bloody Hilt: Founded in Kromus Clan territory, the Order of the Bloody Hilt is a primarily Nightborn order of paladins that has established chapters all over Arimaspea. They’ve been instrumental in eliminating some of the dangerous hold-overs from past Ages, even though it’s depleted the ranks of more than one chapter. They don’t ‘do’ running away. Chapters usually worship a relevant local small god who reflects the Warrior.

Gnomon Society: Time is supposed to move forward, the past is supposed to be left behind. The members of the Gnomon Society believe this is especially true of past ages. The remnants of the distant past are dangerous and corrupting. They should be destroyed if at all possibly. The Society is based out of Shakken, where knowledge about the past ages is the best preserved. The society seeks out magic items from the Age of the Mystic and the ruins of gears and wires from the Age of the Sage for destruction. Death Valley is a popular target for Gnomon missions, as the region of undead seems to be a holdover from the Age of the Warrior.

The Brewmasters: An imperial-sponsored order in the old capital of the Tasmin Empire, the Brewmasters never seemed to do much except improve beer brewing and spirit distilling. Although the fact that a good number of them appear to be highly trained unarmed combatants raises some questions. The order is currently defunct, as the Acting Regent has not funded a replacement monastery.

Merciful of Chandra: Every god that’s at least a little popular has a following built up around it. Chandra’s followers are unique in that they’re known and welcomed all across Arimaspea as healers. Their mercy extends to the paladins killing you quickly if you attack the healers.

Equality: Outlawed in every mainland nation except the Ormward and Kromus Clans, Equality is a network of rabble-rousers and malcontents that try to undermine the caste-system. Whether it’s assassinating the aristocracy, encouraging emigration to the Ormward, or fomenting rebellion, Equality does its best to be a thorn in the side of the ruling class. That explains why it’s been completely snuffed out more than once in different countries it operates in. It keeps coming back, though.

The Triads: Every city has thieves, and most cities have some sort of organized crime. Not every city has the Triads, though, since it’s usually a top priority to keep them out. The Triads are named for the followers’ worship of the Three-Tailed Rat and tend to put a superstitious level of significance in multiples of three. If the premiere god of thieves sinks its teeth into a city, law and order gets a lot more difficult. Less highly efficient organized crime syndicates, more ever shifting cells of notably competent criminals who recruit, corrupt, and undermine the social order with a religious zeal. Not that they aren’t in it for the money, too.

Non-Governmental Organizations

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