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maisoon.jpg Maisoon Kamali (Clayborn): – A disenfranchised merchant looking for a big score salvaging the treasures the merchant’s guild didn’t get to take with it when its members fled Bessel. Open-minded for a Tasmin Clayborn, but still socialized enough that he thinks being civil to the lower-caste party members is doing them a favor. Maisoon was a minor merchant (household goods/furniture) who managed to schmooze his way into knowing more secrets than he should have. With the collapse of Bessel, his influence was lost, along with his business. He wasn’t able to re establish his business with any success, established merchants caused his one relaunch of his shop to fail, and since then he’s been reduced to peddler, becoming increasingly more desperate until he hatched this plan to get back to Bessel and loot the merchant’s guild. He had found Anbilla after she came to Tarran and they hit it off fairly well. He has a great respect for and fear of wizards, magic, and other supernatural goings on.

eb0911ex_99899.jpg Anbilla Bouzi (Nightborn): – From what you’ve seen and heard so far, most likely a bard of some description. Says she left Bessel for the city of Cilessa where she caught the Acting Regent’s eye and had to serve him in capacities she’s unwilling to discuss. She left when the opportunity presented itself, having learned of a plan to kill Nashida’s family. Anbilla couldn’t save Nashida’s father Waseem, but is now looking after Nashida. Anbilla believed that Maisoon’s plan was dangerous but workable, and would keep the party away from the spies of the Tasmin ruler.

Labeeba Niazi (Fieldborn): Also showed up as part of the religious pilgrimage. Her parents were servants of corrupt officials and were exiled along with him to the Fens. She was placed in care of the church to ensure her remaining upbringing was of a righteous nature. She’s quite bitter about that. Exactly how she ended up in the caravan is a question, since Zaid got the feeling she was lying about it just being an assignment the church forced her into.




Panya Cuetzpalli (Fieldborn): Equality agent, now styling herself Ambassador of the Ormward. She has been doing this long enough that there’s a certain fatalism mixed in with her idealism.

Tizoc Ehetencatl (Riverborn): Muscle for the Equality faction in Bessel. He doesn’t concern himself with the big picture very often, preferring to concentrate on small achievable goals. In his spare time he’s a decent carver on a wide range of materials.

Jumail Ghani (Moonborn): A wizard focused on researching the increased power that seems to have come after the storm. He took up residence in the Merchant’s Guild vaults, which led to him getting co-opted as Equality’s treasurer for a period.


Ghassaan Rais (Earthborn): Governor of the loyalists. The Minister of Agriculture when Bessel evacuated for the storm, he’s stayed and tried to impose order and safety for the refugees that remain, fending off monsters and rebels alike.

Jaad Shaer (Earthborn): Highly respected cleric and protector of the Loyalists. Turns out that he’s also a secret worshiper of the evil goddess Rudwa and has a hard time keeping a straight face when presented with remains of his demonic accomplice. Last seen as a dead body being dumped elsewhere in Bessel. Brothers with Badr Shaer, a fieldborn druid.

Afeef Madhi (Clayborn): A trusted guard in Mayor Rais’s service. Has managed to keep up with the party fairly well for being a non-empowered individual.

Free Bessel

Numair Iman (NIghtborn): Mayor of the Free Bessel faction. He felt certain practices, specifically the sacrifice of a loyalist saboteur, was unconscionable, and a small faction broke away with him. He was a solider that refused to flee when the monsters came to Bessel, and says he isn’t going to let the survivors become monsters themselves.
h4. Free Bessel


Nesenth (Zhyen): A minor genie that Zaid has convinced to partner with as a messenger service.

Always Big Whiskers (Raiju): ,A shapechanging outsider from the Plane of Air that hangs out in Equality territory and is friends with Nesenth

Meddur: Sandship rider. Either non-Humyn or of an unknown kind, he fought in the battle against the Red Death. You found him hanging out in the Equality common area. Friendly and open about most things, he loaned Nashida a lead glove.

Badr Shaer (Fieldborn): A powerful druid largely responsible for the success of post-storm Bessel’s agriculture. Takes the title of Beekeeper. Has a giant bee he rides around on. Brother to Jaad Shaer the evil cleric, and reportedly they had differences in worldview but were still quite close.

In the background

The Evil Djinni – Prince Amar’s otherworldly adviser and possible puppet master. Has displayed powers over air and undeath.

Prince Amar Aksan (Moonborn) – The Traitor Prince. Killed his brother Makajid Aksan on the coronation day and summoned the storm over Bessel.

Prince Makajid Aksan (Earthborn) – The younger of the two Princes of Emperor Saijad Aksan, Prince Makajid was the chosen successor to the empire. The precedent for caste vs birth-order was murky when dealing with Earthborn vs Moonborn castes succeeding to the throne. The inner details of the decision were not made public.

Acting Regent Ismal Al-Zaki (Earthborn) – Current ruler of the Tasmin Empire with no apparent plans to relinquish it to the Aksan dynasty. Former Grand Vizier to Emperor Saijad, Ismal seized power during the Selisian rebellion as a figure of organization the military could get behind, while other potential potential successors fought each other. Those other potential successors have been having more than their fair share of accidents lately.

Lady Kalisma Nejem (Moonchild) – Engaged to Prince Makajid after a rumored romance with Prince Aksan. Currently missing after the sight of a hooded nightborn with a large sack near her room in the Cilessa palace led to the discovery of a bloodspattered mess and her disappearance.

Hamsa Safi (Clayborn): Cleric of Malaman, Tasmin god of judgement. Unsuited to combat, Hamsa has acted as a healer for your party in the fights with the undead at the monastery. She was party of the religious pilgrimage to Bessel to try and recover the corpse of Prince Makajid Aksan so that he might eventually be restored to life and the throne. Hamsa was an up-and-coming member of the clerical profession, she’d passed her first rites and was dedicated to Malaman, god of justice and judgement. Her parents had been bureaucrats, but she was alsos a little disaffected by the frustrations she saw reflected in the political process. She’s a True Believer, which works because the church really is willing to oppose the government on issues of injustice, unlike the other two churches, which have been somewhat corrupted. Current lost underground with a wild Clayborn named Cappricio.

Zayne (Moonchild): Joined the same caravan as Hamsa, Labeeba, and Cappricio. At the Ages Monastery, became the Abbott after the former Abbott (then undead) convinced him to take the position and let the old monks rest.

NPC Field Guide

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