The Between-Times

We know little about the Age of the Mystic. Everyone knows there was a great war, and that the Hags turned the Riverborns’ eyes to purple. But our stories tell how that war led to the Between-Times, called the Age of Silence by some, and how it almost became the last of all ages.

The 9 Artifacts hold the personalities of the Aspects, a sacrifice made so that their power may reliably maintain our world. But if used by a mortal, the power can disrupt everything.

With the help of her goddess, the hag queen not only betrayed the Archfey and stole the Boots of the Laughing God, but when she was found unworthy, took also the Warrior’s Axe from an undead giant in the death realms. This resonated with her soul, and with the power of an Aspect controlled only by the hands of a mortal, reality began to fall apart. The powers of the Warrior began to rise and sought to recombine with the Axe to become whole. The powers of the other Aspects began to rise as well.

The gods scrambled to protect their followers as best they could, and hid them away in caves, mountains, and places beneath the sea. As the world shredded, the Godrealm where the gods truly live began to cross with the Planes as we know them.The goddess of the hags was prepared and took the Axe and Boots from her fallen follower. She sought to command those Aspects and reshape the Planes to her whims, as the Aspects had done in the beginning.

The oldest gods – firstborn of the Aspects, The Ancient, the God of Coins, and the Three-Tailed Rat saw this happen and moved to stop it. Often enemies themselves, they were old and wise enough to know that they faced certain destruction if the hag goddess succeeded. But they were not powerful enough alone. So they went to the other gods of the world and sought aid.

The Ancient traveled to the great continent of Muria, where the Great Elementals brought followers from the elemental planes to mingle with the Humyns of our world. It appealed to a common cause of survival, but the Great Elementals were unmoved, believing themselves too fundamental a part of reality to be destroyed. But the Ancient had seen the world just after the Aspects had finished, and shared its memories of a world solely of energy, dreams, and ether. The Great Elementals were terrified, and agreed to join it. This had taken much time and the Ancient rushed back to its hall to meet the other allies.

The God of Coins traveled first to the lands of our ancestors and laid a legal claim to the chief of our gods, Rauna, that her laws required her to aid her people by aiding the cause, and Rauna agreed. He then traveled to the mountains of the Omjir, god of giants, who refused to help unless given dominion over lands held by small gods of the Humyns. And the God of Coins stayed to argue with him about rights and obligations.

The Three-Tailed Rat traveled across the world gaining many allies. Whatever promises it thought would sway them, it made. It promised the bestial gods of Shakken that they would have the lands of the dragon gods after the war in addition to their own, and he promised the dragon gods of the Wyrmlings that they would add the warm isle of Shakken to their territory after the war. The Three-Tailed-Rat then went to check on his allies.

The Three-Tailed Rat found the God of Coins arguing with Omjir. To end the argument the Three-Tailed Rat claimed the other gods of Humyns were so desperate for Omjir’s help they would subordinate themselves to him in exchange for his aid. The God of Coins was pleased the matter was resolved and they rejoined the Ancient in its hall.

As the allied gods arrived, many saw their enemies had also been invited and began to argue and threaten the Three-Tailed-Rat over its deception. However, the Ancient had made sure the hag goddess’s spies had seen all the gods arriving and before the war council fell to infighting, the goddess attacked. The Ancient inspired them with songs of the Aspects and they fought for survival.

The battle was close fought, but the hag goddess was winning. The Three-Tailed-Rat and the Ancient were wounded and the God of Coins was the only god of the oldest left standing. In desperation it called on the three evils, Rudwa, Orogoth and Broog. The God of Coins would release them from their prison in the cursed continent of Gukulkan if they would aid him. But they demanded a promise that it give them its land and people in exchange for their aid. The God of Coins saw the battle was lost without them and sealed the pact.

The battle was won and the Artifacts were returned to hiding. The hag goddess was slain. The world was repaired. All the people the Gods had made safe were reawoken with hints to their old ways, except those of the God of Coins who had to make good on its promise. And this is why the three eldest are gods for all people.

The Ancient unites all gods and all people. The God of Coins has no people of its own, but may always be called upon for a pact. And no one trusts the Three-Tailed-Rat, so it wanders in secret within the realms of others.

The Between-Times

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